Podcast Episode 39

Lesson Materials

Resources and references: 

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In this lesson, Dr. Rebecca Bockow will talk about the relationship between the airway and orthodontics. The transverse plane is often overlooked in treatment planning, orthodontics and airway evaluation. She’ll explain why consideration for this dimension is so pivotal in evaluating the airway. There are also important landmarks to consider when evaluating this plane that aren’t always considered which you’ll learn about here. Dr. Bockow will also discuss paradigm shifts in orthodontics from the perspective of a dual trained orthodontist and periodontist. 

Lesson Objectives

  • Discover the relationship between malocclusions and the airway 
  • Learn about factors that drive skeletal growth 
  • Understand why the transverse plane is an important plane to consider in your evaluation 
  • Become aware of techniques for how to evaluate the transverse plane
  • Learn about the periodontal-orthodontic relationship

Extra information

Lesson Length: About 30 min
CE credit: 0.5
Release Date: 11/9/20
Review Date: 11/10/20
Expiration Date: 11/10/23