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Preventing Implant Failure

Dr. Don Curtis

Overview This lesson features Dr. Don Curtis, DMD. This interview involves a discussion on the article he and his team published which is entitled “Patient-Centered Risk Assessment in Implant Treatment Planning.” Dr. Curtis provides a discussion on factors that contribute to implant failure and success. He will discuss ways in which implant failure can be …

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Techniques in Ridge Preservation for Implant Placement

Dr. Abhishek Patel

Overview This lesson features Dr. Abhishek Patel, B.D.S., MS. Content for this episode is derived from a  published randomized, controlled, blinded clinical trial comparing ridge preservation with a membrane vs no membrane on buccal overlay graft technique. Dr. Patel was a team member on the aforementioned study which is entitled “Ridge Preservation Comparing the Clinical …

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Osseodensification Explained

Dr. Fadi Hasan

Overview Osseodensification is a pioneering technique involved in implant dentistry. Dr. Fadi Hasan and his colleagues wrote an article entitled “Alveolar Ridge Expansion by Osseodensification-Mediated Plastic Deformation and Compaction Autografting: A Multicenter Retrospective Study.” In this lesson he’ll discuss how “Osseodensification preserves bone bulk, facilitates compaction autografting, and deforms trabecular bone in an outward strain, …

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