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Did you know you can earn dental continuing education through our dental podcast? Click below to get started, my friends.

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Dental Podcast with a Mission

Dental Digest podcast has a mission of enabling dentists to stay at the forefront of dentistry because its rooted in evidence based dentistry. Dentistry is ever-evolving and we want our listeners to be privy to the most current advances, technology and techniques. Our podcast guests are the dental-scientists who are making significant advances in our field. They’re university professors, prolific researchers, textbook authors and key opinion leaders. We minimize opinions and conjectures because we want to present you with honest science.

A Podcast Founded on a Love for Science

Are you feeling burnt out from dentistry or were you never a fan of it in the first place? That’s okay. Maybe what you need isn’t a break from dentistry but rather you haven’t yet found your reason to love it. In this podcast, we uncover the awe-inspiring science behind dentistry. We delve into the inter-workings of everything from biomimetic dentistry, dental materials, pathology, endodontics, dental implants, periodontology and so much more. Perhaps you haven’t found your love for it because you haven’t had a chance to see the fascinating science behind dentistry. Our love of evidence based dentistry is contagious.


Our podcast guests and host have a contagious enthusiasm for dentistry. In the interviews featured on each episode you’ll have a chance to see our profession in a different light. After all, if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. We are designed so that after you listen, you will leave feeling more curious and passionate about our craft. What’s more, the podcast has a vibrant community, particularly Instagram. Send us a direct message. We always love hearing from you! This is a podcast for dentists with a passion for dentists.

The Problem with Continuing Education

We know what it’s like to be busy. We know its difficult to find time for continuing dental education (CE). Each year you need several hours of CE to maintain your license. However, when are you possibly able to find time for CE? The time you set aside for CE typically competes with time you’d be spending with your loved ones or resting and recuperating. You’re typically sacrificing nights and weekends to do CE. What’s more, because you’re spending that time doing CE during your precious downtime, are you even bringing your best-self to the classroom? Or, are you just checking off a box to say you satisfied a requirement. CE is intended to keep you current in dentistry. But, if this requirement is competing with your personal life, are you really getting much out of it?

A Solution

Our CE is designed by dentists FOR dentists. We’re in your corner because we personally know the struggle. We created a CE program that gives you time back. How? Our organization is approved by the Academy of General Dentistry to give you CE when you listen to the podcast. This means that you can earn CE when you’re exercising, commuting to work or going grocery shopping. We adapt to your busy schedule. After you listen to the podcast, your last step is to simply take a quiz verifying that you obtained the intended lesson objectives. We even created a table for you (reference above) so you know which episodes are eligible for CE. We make it easier than ever to stay current on evidence based dentistry.

Affordable for a Greater Purpose

We’re commonly hear dentists remark about how affordable we’ve made our CE. Some even recommend we make it more expensive. We chose our price point for a reason. If we make it too expensive, only a selective contingent of dentists will be able to have access to it. But, how will that impact our profession and more importantly our patients? We made it affordable because we want our entire profession to be able to continue to advance and not just a select few. More importantly, if we continue to advance as our profession, our patients are better off.

Dental Digest is a dental podcast founded on a love for evidence based dentistry.

Chart-Topping & Award Winning

We invite you to give us a listen and discover why our podcast leads the industry.