Dr. Steven Yarows, MD, FACP, FASH

Dr. Steven Yarows

Dr. Steven Yarows is featured on episode 10 of the Dental Digest podcast.

Dr. Yarows is a well-respected physician in the Chelsea community with more than 30 years of experience in internal medicine. He believes that providing continuity of care for patients enables improved care with improved outcomes.

Dr. Yarows stresses preventive care while treating multiple, complex disease states and values the strong personal relationships he has with many long-term patients.

Other Distinctions: Director of the IC/CCU, St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea President, Midwest Chapter, American Society of Hypertension Co-developer, Athletic Screening of Adolescents Academic Appointments: Adjunct Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Division) University of Michigan. Honors and Awards: Best Doctors 2011-2012 Best Doctors 2013-2014 Best Doctors 2015-2016.

Interested in learning more about his publication in the Journal of the American Dental Association? Here is the abstract and conclusion from his work:

“In 1974, the American Dental Association first considered recommending that dental offices measure blood pressure (BP) routinely, and it has been further encouraged since 2006. Investigators in several dental publications have recommended cancellation of dental procedures based solely on BP greater than 180/110 millimeters of mercury for urgent oral health care and greater than 160/100 mm Hg for elective oral health care, in the absence of prior medical consultation

To the authors’ knowledge, there are no prospective study investigators that have addressed whether or when to cancel dental procedures due to office-measured elevated BP. The authors recommend using current anesthesiology guidelines based on functional status and past BP measurements to prevent unnecessary cancellations.” (Read the full text here)

What Dr. Yarows’s patients have to say: “Dr. Yarrows is an amazing doctor! He does not over prescribe medicine in fact he looks for natural ways of curing if possible! He’s been treating my very unhealthy husband for almost 30 years and found things wrong before he ended up on an Autopsy table. Myself I’ve been going to him for about 12 years and I’m a healthy person but when I get sick he’s not throwing prescriptions at me he instead he looks for natural ways if if that doesn’t help he will Prescribe me an anabiotic if possible. I would highly recommend him and all doctors that work out of his office!” – Chelsea

Thank you for your contribution, Dr. Yarows!