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Dr. Graeme Milicich was featured on episode 55 of the Dental Digest Podcast. He graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand, with a Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) degree in 1976. He holds more than four decades of experience as a clinician before hanging up his hat in private practice in 2017. He now spends his time as an educator at the European Bio-Emulation International Think Tank, as well as the United State’s Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry (ABD). Dr. Milicich is a vanguard in the area of Minimal Intervention dentistry.

He has lectured extensively in USA, India, Singapore, Australasia and Europe, and conducted hands-on trainings in the field of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Restorative techniques, Caries Risk Assessment and Management, Air abrasion, Hard-Soft tissue lasers, tooth function Biomechanics, and CAD/CAM dentistry, since 1997. 

He achieved Diplomate status at the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (WCMID) in 2001, and has been awarded the title of Lifetime Member by the WCMID. He also holds a Mastership with the World Clinical Laser Institute. He was a founding Board member (2003-2012) of the New Zealand Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry between 2003 and 2012; the organization is now fully affiliated with New Zealand Dental Association. He also played a critical role in New Zealand Cerec CAD/CAM education. 

Furthermore, Dr Milicich has several peer-reviewed publications in the fields of SEM Microscopy, Minimal Intervention Dentistry, the management of Caries, biomimetics and biomechanics. He has created a number of educational CDs on Minimal Intervention topics, lasers as well as CAD/CAM.He has played an incredibly valuable part in refining how dentists place posterior composite restorations. He has formulated an education program using video footage captured through an SEM microscope to define the science behind such technique.

As of late, Dr. Milicich has conducted research on restorative techniques and clinical applications of the Er:Cr:YSGG laser and has shared his findings in several textbooks to include Laser in Endodontics: Scientific Background and Clinical Application. Such results from clinical cross-correlation with SEM research has led to pivotal changes in restorative techniques, and how to effectively use hard tissue lasers. Even more impressive, he recently completed a 5-yr retrospective study in his practice on the successful use of glass ionomers as a fissure sealant and micro-restorative.

Check out Dr. Milicich’s episode on the Dental Digest Podcast and see its eligibility for dental continuing education (CE) credit. Click on this link to start learning: https://dentaldigestinstitute.com/dental-continuing-education/ 

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