Dr. Calin Pop

Dr. Calin Pop is the creator of the popular Rubber Dam Master’s Course

Dr. Calin Pop is featured on ep 23 of the Dental Digest Podcast. He is a restorative esthetic dentist working in one of the most renowned dental clinics in Abu Dhabi. Prior to this, he  was the founder and owner of the Romanian Clinic, Dentimed, where he led a passionate team of doctors for over a decade. Alongside Dr. Anas Aloum, Dr. Pop hosts multiple intensive live courses which teach dentists about Anterior and respectively Posteriors rehabilitation with ceramics. Dr. Pop is the creator of the globally renowned Rubber Dam Master’s Course.

Find out if Dr. Pop’s episode of the Dental Digest Podcast is eligible for dental continuing education (CE) credit.

Testimonials for the Rubber Dam Master’s Course:

“Calin Pop is the best worldwide to isolate any tooth in any mouth in any condition. I haven’t seen anyone worldwide competent in rubberdam like he is. From a practitioners point of view, this course is an amazing way to get confidence and know all the ins and outs of rubber dam application. A MUST see!” – Anas A.

“Dr. Calin Pop’s online course is a master class on learning how to use a Rubber Dam for restorative purposes. It covers everything from rationale, armamentarium, techniques for using a rubber dam for single tooth to posterior quads to Anterior isolation to Full mouth isolation over a series of 12 videos. This super detailed, easy to follow course is one of the best dental online course I have ever seen. There is nothing that has not been covered.” – Daval Patel

“Unsolicited review here. I bought the course and it is worth every penny. When I teach the Bioclear Method we use the RD for every restoration. The photography and videography are beautiful. The time it took to shoot and edit the course must have been tremendous. I am a huge rubber dam fan and always want to learn more. It is worth the money.” – Joshua Solomon

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