Episode 43: Biomimetic Techniques and Approaches

Dr. Marc Lazare biomimetic dentistry

About This Course

You will earn 1 hours of CE. President of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, Dr. Mark Lazare, discusses the foundation of biomimetic dentistry and his journey away from the aggressive approaches taught in dental school. Dr. Lazare holds that the overarching goal of biomimetic dentistry is to “mimic life,” replacing weakened tooth structure with restorative materials that imitate the moduli of elasticity of dentin and enamel. Dr. Lazare deploys and teaches techniques, such as the caries removal endpoint principle and direct stress-reduced posterior restorations, with an aim to inform dentists of conservative approaches to preserving vital teeth. The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry serves as a unified source of research and effective practices, performed and organized by the world’s leaders in adhesive dentistry and biomimetic dentistry. In this course, you will take a quiz per each episode of the dental digest podcast and then obtain CE credit. To read more about our refund/cancellation policy click here. To contact us click here. We have no commercial support to declare. No prior skill/level required. AGD Subject Code: 250

CE Objectives

  • Biomimetic dentistry aims to “mimic life” by preserving the vitality of teeth and avoiding unnecessary removal of vital tooth structure using materials and techniques to restore, mimicking the natural properties of the tooth.
  • Direct stress reduced restorations are placed in a stepwise fashion, using selective layering to minimize polymerization shrinkage, decoupling with time to optimize bonding, and placing fiber composite reinforcement materials such as Ribbond to absorb and diffuse forces.
  • The purpose of decoupling with time is to allow the sufficient time (5 minutes) for adhesive to form a mature bond with dentin.
  • The adhesion equation states that adhesive dentistry is the simple relationship between bonds and stress. If the bonds can withstand the stress, the restoration will be successful.

About the Speakers

Dr. Marc Lazare is featured on episode 43 of the Dental Digest Podcast. Dr. Marc Lazare has lectured everywhere from the GNYDM in New York City, the ADA in Washington D.C., the Biomimetic Dental Conferences in Los Angeles and Dallas to International locations such as Paris, The Philippines and Dubai, on  Biomimetic Dentistry and Smile Design. He is currently the president of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry. click here.

Teaching Method: Self-Paced/Video/Web Mediated
Conflict of Interest Statement: Dr. Marc Lazare is the president of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry

Lesson Length: 60 min
CE credit: 1 hour (self-instruction)
Release Date: 1/19/21
Review Date: 1/19/21
Expiration/Availability Date: 1/19/24

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