Episode 38: The DEJ/DEC and Adhesive Dentistry

About This Course

You will earn 0.75 hours of CE.

Dr. Schiffenhaus will discuss the complex inter-workings of the dentin enamel complex (DEC or DEJ) and make a compelling argument for how it functions as an organ. A fundamental understanding for the DEC/DEJ is necessary for understanding how to properly practice advanced adhesive dentistry. Why? Because, the DEC/DEJ is nature’s perfect bonding of enamel to dentin. Biomimetic dentists aim to mimic this biological structure in their restorations. In this course, you will take a quiz per each episode of the dental digest podcast and then obtain CE credit. To read more about our refund/cancellation policy click here. To contact us click here. We have no commercial support to declare. No prior skill/level required. AGD Subject Code: 250

CE Objectives

  • Learn about what the DEJ/DEC teaches us about adhesive dentistry
  • Discover the complexities of the DEJ/DEC
  • Develop a nuanced understanding for the importance of adhesive dentistry
  • Learn of the importance of an understanding for how the tooth functions

About the Speakers

Dr. Steve Schiffenhaus received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Arizona State University where he conducted undergraduate and graduate research on biomarkers for a cancer vaccine. Dr. Schiffenhaus completed Dr. David and Davey Alleman’s Biomimetic Mastership program. He is the creator of the Biomimetic Advanced Adhesive Restorative Dentistry (BAARD) institute. To learn more about Dr. Schiffenhaus click here.

Teaching Method: Self-Paced/Audio/Web Mediated
Conflict of Interest Statement: Dr. Steve Schiffenhaus created the BAARD institute.

Lesson Length: 45 min
CE credit: 0.75 hour (self-instruction)
Release Date: 12/21/20
Review Date: 12/21/20
Expiration/Availability Date: 12/21/23

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