Immediate Dentin Sealing and Caries Excavation (Ep 19 & 20)

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About This Course

You will earn 1.5 hours of CE.

Two vanguards in Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry, Dr. David Alleman and Dr. Davey Alleman, discuss paramount literature articles about the use of caries detection dye. They’ll also discuss the concept of the caries removal end point while they provide an extensive discussion on Dr. Alleman’s pivotal 2012 article. This article is entitlted “A systematic approach to deep caries removal end points: The peripheral seal concept in adhesive dentistry.” They’ll also provide an overview of the concept of immediate dentin sealing. In this course, you will take a quiz per each episode of the dental digest podcast and then obtain CE credit. AGD Subject Code: 250

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CE Objectives

  • Develop a better understanding for how cracks propagate in a tooth and how the DEC/DEJ functions to deflect cracks
  • Understand why the dentin-enamel complex is utilized as a model for adhesive dentistry
  • Review concepts for caries detection
  • Become more comfortable with the techniques involved in adhesive dentistry
  • Understand the unprecedented advantages a bonded restoration can offer

About the Speakers

Dr. David S. Alleman is renowned as one of the co-founding pioneer of the of Biomimetic dental movement and his contribution to Biomimetic Dentistry. To learn more about Dr. Alleman click here.

Dr. Davey Alleman formerly practiced dentistry in the U.S. Army. He is an instructor for the Alleman Biomimetic Mastership program and is passionate to improve dental outcomes through minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry.To learn more about Dr. Davey Alleman click here.

Teaching Method: Self-Paced/Audio/Web Mediated
Conflict of Interest Statement: Dr. David and Davey Alleman created the Alleman Biomimetic Mastership.

Lesson Length: 90 min
CE credit: 1.5 hour (self-instruction)
Release Date: 12/21/20
Review Date: 12/21/20
Expiration/Availability Date: 12/21/23

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