Biomimetically Restoring Cracked Teeth ft. Drs. Alleman and Dr. Wymann (Ep 25 & 26)

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About This Course

You will earn 1.5 hour of CE.

This course explores how to biomimetically manage cracked teeth. Dr. David Alleman, Dr. Davey Alleman and Dr. Raphael Wymann are masters of biomimetic dentistry. They’ll explore the mechanism by which teeth crack. They’ll also recount pivotal dental literature that explains this topic. You’ll also gain a better understanding for how cracked teeth present and how to manage them. You’ll also learn why cracked teeth become painful. In this course, you will take a quiz per each episode of the dental digest podcast and then obtain CE credit. AGD Subject Code: 250

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CE Objectives

  • Learn about Milicich and Rainey’s pioneering work in studying cracked teeth
  • Understand why cracked teeth become sensitive and painful
  • Learn actionable steps for managing a cracked tooth
  • Discover why a cracked tooth is a nidus for harboring bacteria

About the Speakers

Dr. David S. Alleman is renowned as one of the co-founding pioneer of the of Biomimetic dental movement and his contribution to Biomimetic Dentistry. To learn more about Dr. Alleman click here.

Dr. Davey Alleman formerly practiced dentistry in the U.S. Army. He is an instructor for the Alleman Biomimetic Mastership program and is passionate to improve dental outcomes through minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry.To learn more about Dr. Davey Alleman click here.

Dr. Raphael Wymann is an experienced biomimetic dentist. He is from Switzerland and received his dental education and degree from the very prestigious University of Berne in 2006. From there he opened his own practice in Bern, Switzerland. He has personally been trained by some of the best biomimetic dentists in the field. To learn more about Dr. Wymann click here.

Teaching Method: Self-Paced/Audio/Web Mediated
Conflict of Interest Statement: Dr. David and Davey Alleman created the Alleman Biomimetic Mastership. Dr. Wymann has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

Lesson Length: 90 min
CE credit: 1.5 hour (self-instruction)
Release Date: 12/21/20
Review Date: 12/21/20
Expiration/Availability Date: 12/21/23

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