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  • Don’t Air Dry Your Dental Adhesive [What is the Oxygen Inhibited Layer]
    In this article, I’ll explain why you shouldn’t air dry your dental adhesive prior to curing it. In order to explain why these adhesives shouldn’t be air-dried, I’ll also describe the oxygen inhibited layer (OIL).
  • How to do Immediate Dentin Sealing [Increase Bond Strength]
    How to do Immediate Dentin Sealing [Increase Bond Strength] In this article, I’ll discuss how to perform the biomimetic technique of immediate dentin sealing. This technique has a number of advantages in dentistry, but one of the most notable is that it increases the bond strength. There are a few different approaches to immediate dentin sealing, …

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  • What is Biomimetic Dentistry?
    Biomimetic dentistry (or BRD), is a type of restorative (operative) dentistry. It’s goal is to have the final restoration closely mimic the properties and function of a natural tooth. The central idea governing biomimetic dentistry is that the natural tooth is ideal and therefore we want future restorations to behave and function exactly like the natural tooth. If the restoration behaves more like a natural tooth, it is more likely to last longer, cause fewer issues for the patient, and be less destructive to adjacent dentition. BRD is also known as “bioemulation.”